Development Cooperation Fund (DCF)

The OAS Development Cooperation Fund (OAS/DCF) is an innovative non-reimbursable technical cooperation instrument established to contribute to the financing of national and multilateral cooperation programs and projects carried out under the Organization’s Strategic Plan for Partnership for Development. The OAS/DCF is mainly made up of the voluntary contributions of Member States.

Member States have defined seven priority areas for the Fund’s programming:

  • Sustainable Development and Environment
  • Scientific Development and Exchange and Transfer of Technology
  • Education
  • Economic Diversification and Integration, Trade Liberalization, and Market Access
  • Social Development and Creation of Productive Employment
  • Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Culture

For the current cycle 2014-2017, Member States have chosen Social Development and Creation of Productive Employment as the programmatic framework. This framework is envisioned as an overarching theme to focus and optimize efforts and resources for project implementation.

This section features programs currently supported by the OAS/DCF, as well as steps and forms to access funding and training tools to help beneficiaries design, monitor, and execute programs.