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Cooperation and Partnerships Exchange is at the core of the CooperaNet platform. As an online hub for cooperation stakeholders involved in development throughout Member States' in tandem with other partners, including the private sector, academia, NGOs, and international organizations, may share and match needs with offers, engage with each other, and realize partnerships. Users may share and search available offers for cooperation and identified country-needs, through thematic groups and, discussions; promote events; harness the power of a multi-sectoral community to learn from each other; share results and lessons learned; and realize cooperation for development.

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    Join our community of development partners and make an offer or indicate a need through the online forms provided. Offers of cooperation assistance may include, but are not limited to: training activities, publications, online tools or the exchange of experts in a dozen development priority areas identified by OAS Member States.

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      Programa Piloto:
      Iniciativas para la Protección de la Biodiversidad

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      Cooperanet is committed to address development challenges throughout the region. We encourage all of our members to join a challenge and contribute to a solution.

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